Hen Parties and Girls Get Togethers

Hen days can be from a short session over one hoursmaking or decorating one recipe together to take home to making and eating your own lunch or afternoon tea or two course meal to eat together in our conservatory.   We appreciate it is an expensive time for all involved  so we can tailor to your activity to your budget.

We have a minimum of 10 for all but don't worry if your group is smaller you can just divide up the extra costs

Depending upon your choice of activity and time involved the costs will be from £20 to £40 per head.  All ingredients are supplied with a welcome drink and gift for the bride to be

Here are some ideas of what you can do

Meals in minutes – A 3 hour session to make your own main course and dessert and eat with us in our conservatory.  You will have two choices of main course and dessert with accompaniments.  It can be Italian pasta, Chinese, Thai or Curry   The cost is £40 per person with a minimum of 10 persons 

Harmony Bake off -  A 2 hour class where working in pairs you will make a variety of small cakes and tray bakes to box up and take home with you.    lemon drizzle, franigipan, devils food cake, gingerbread, cookies, swiss roll or scones will be some of the choice available. You can tailor the activity to what the bride to be enjoys cooking or something you would like to  master.   The cost is £30 per person with a minimum of 10 persons

Afternoon tea -   A 3 hour class where working in pairs you will make your own afternoon tea. Choose the savouries and desserts you would like to master from pastry in mini quiches or chocolate tortes to profiteroles, eclairs, macarons, milles feuilles, lemon posset, perfect scones, brownies, mini Victoria sandwiches, roulades or fondant fancies.  We will supply the sandwiches and when all is ready eat in our conservatory with china tea cups whilst we clear away.  The cost is £40 per person with a minimum of   10 persons

Savoury nibbles   - A 2 or 3 hour class making savoury nibbles in pairs. The list to choose from includes savoury roulades, blinis and filo parcels to nor rolls, salmon mousse tartlets to mini fishcakes, bruschetta or Parma breadsticks. You can combine this with a cocktail making session with Louisiana bars and eat here or take home for a snack lunch or pre dinner festivities.  The price ranges from £30 - £40 and the minimum number is 10 persons

Bread  making-  A 2 hour session beginning with a step by step guide to using yeast, kneading and proving then with a variety of fillings you can make  a plain bread dough into savoury plaits,  Stromboli, whirls or pizza or a sweet bread dough to make Chelsea buns or fruit rings which you can take home.  A longer session will include savoury or sweet bread as Chelsea buns or fruit rings and a savoury or sweet whirl made from puff pastry with a variety of fillings.  You can upgrade your session to eat your pizza in our conservatory. The cost is £25 -  £35 and minimum is 10 persons

Chocoholics - A one and a half or two hour session to make your own truffles and  learn how to temper chocolate, make chocolate decorations and your own flavoured chocolate shards or bark. The cost per person is £20 - £25 with a minimum of 10

Cookies &  Biscuits- A one and a half session making and decorating cookies to take away or a two hour session making biscuits to decorate and a cookie style to bag up and take home.  You can from choose   from  chewy cookies, ginger bread shapes, shortbread, whirls, wreaths, almond amoretti  or oat crunchies. The cost is £20 - £25 with a minimum of 10 persons.  

Tarts and Tortes - A 2 hour session where you make sweet French flan pastry on the worktop and learn how to line a flan dish and finally make your individual pastry cases into a tart au citron, chocolate and raspberry torte or plain frangipani tartlets.  The cost is £25 per person with a minimum of 10 person