Personalised Workshops and Courses

   All you need to do is

  • Choose your group of 4-8 friends, family or colleagues
  • Choose one themed workshop on a specific subject below  or
  • Choose your own combination of dishes you want to master
  • All recipes, aprons to use, ingredients and refreshments will be supplied on the day
  • Tuition is available throughout the workshop 
  • Please bring your own containers to take home your food
  • All workshops last for 3 hours

Baking Bread or Patisserie workshops

Breadmaking – you will learn to make a basic bread mix and turn it into savoury plaits, filled rolls and /or Stromboli.  Whilst that is proving you will turn your attention to enrich sweet bread dough from which you will make fruit loaves, Chelsea buns or cinnamon whirls. If you have not a sweet tooth we will show you how to make focaccia

Baking – Have you always wanted to bake but things go wrong?, then now is the chance to try again. Throw away the packet mixes and wave goodbye to the flat rubbery cakes.  In pairs you will  learn the basics of the creaming, whisking, and rubbing in methods.

After a demonstration of a whisked sponge to make a Genoese or Swiss roll and instructions of what to look for when creaming and rubbing in, you can choose your own baking favourite. From an easy Victoria sandwich, coffee and walnut cake to lemon drizzle or challenge yourself to a devils food cake.  We will cook small versions of all the cakes and you will make two or three items per couple.  At the end of the course you will divide the goodies so you have a selection of items to take home and share with the family.

All ingredients will be provided together with an apron to use on the day and a recipe pack.  Refreshments are available at all times. Please bring containers to take home your goodies

Pastry  -Is your pastry hard and unpalatable ?  Have you  always wanted to master the perfect profiterole or eclair to impress your friends?  Would you like to try a french dessert pastry which never fails for a vareity of dinner party desserts?  we will make savoury short crust pastry for pies and pasties and a sweet French pate sucree which you can use as a base then make into chocolate lemon or frangipan tart . We will then cover choux pastry and make chocolate eclairs or profiteroles. All ingredients and recipes are supplied together with refreshments.  Please bring a container to take home your goodies

Cookies and biscuits –  There are so many homemade cookies and biscuits to be made .  Buying shop bought cakes and biscuits is expensive and much less enjoyable to eat, so why not learn to make your own.  Some of these can be either incorporated into your selection of baking or a larger selection in a class on its own. We will make shortbread, American cookies, gingerbread biscuits morbidi or amoretti biscuits and can also make macarons and coffee kisses.

Weekday/evening baking/pastry/bread- £195 for up to 4 persons and £40 per additional person

Weekend baking/pastry/bread - £295 for up to 6 persons and £45 per additional person


Cook a meal together workshop   -  for those who  want to learn a repertoire of quick meals. There is a variety of  themes you can chose from or you can create your own.  

 Cook a two course meal in pairs and take it home or eat with us in our conservatory.  You can choose from a variety of topics such as meals in minutes, friends for supper, novice cookery, orient and spice, vegetarian, Italian pasta and sauces and basic fish cookery.  If you all have a specific topic you find difficult or would like to try you can choose your own menu. All ingredients and refreshments will be supplied including an apron to use on the day and a  recipe pack.

Weekdays cook a meal together- £240 for up to 4 persons + £50 per additional person

Weekends cook a meal together- £345 for up to 6 persons + £55 per additional persons


A full day cookery course gives you the scope to cook a wide range of dishes in the form of two three course meals. They all include a demonstration of snacks and nibbles relating to the topic you have chosen for you to eat as your late morning break. All courses are based on my Cordon Bleu training and aimed at more able cooks who enjoy entertaining friends and want to increase their repertoire and skills.

The course last 5-6 hours  cooking two three course meals to eat or take away.  We will instruct you on how to present your food for a stress free dinner party . The day will start with coffee and a chat then a demonstration of snacks and nibbles which you will eat for a late morning snack.  After that it is into the kitchen to prepare your 3 course meals which you can eat with us or take away.  No one else will join you on this day it is specifically for you.  everything will be supplied for you including an apron to take away and a recipe pack

Weekdays for up to 4 persons   £320 

Weekends for up to 6 persons   £480


short 2 hour weekday only lessons cooking one thing together to take home such as knife skills pastry making, roulades, meringues, …. £150 for up to 4 persons + £25 per person